Women’s Health Hospitalists 

The Women’s Care Florida Women’s Health Hospitalist Program was specifically designed to improve quality of care for our patients.

What is a hospitalist?

Hospitalists are physicians who exclusively focus their practice on providing care at affiliated hospitals. 

Our hospitalist program

Women’s Care Florida hospitalists are key members of our medical team. They serve as an extension of our office physicians to assure the highest quality patient care. They have the same training and experience as all of our providers. They are experienced, board-certified physicians who focus on caring for women. 

Our hospitalists

  • Handle care at the hospital so in-office ob-gyn providers can focus on providing care in the office with fewer delays and interruptions 
  • Are familiar with all aspects of the hospital and its resources
  • Have access to your Women’s Care Florida health records
  • Coordinate care with your ob-gyn, so they’re aware of your health-care needs while you’re in the hospital

Meet Our Hospitalists

St. Joseph’s Hospital – South

Dr. Amy Taneja

Dr. Areej Salem

Dr. Julie King

Dr. Lisa Uzbay

Dr. Maryanna Colalillo

Brandon Regional Hospital

Dr. Faith Carlin

Dr. James Baron

Dr. Maryann Colalillo

Dr. Shiloh Smajstrla

Melissa Howes, CNM

Juliann Lazzaro, CNM

Stephanie Short, CNM

Women's Care Florida Stephanie Short, CNM

Kathi Sumerall, CNM

Medical Center of Trinity

Dr. Andrew Walter

Dr. Lesley Brinkman-Mosiman

Dr. Becca Marks

Dr. Gina Washinton

Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies

Camie Carson, CNM

Coreen Lloyd-Adams, CNM

Jennifer Ivy, CNM

Kathryn Hendrickson, CNM

Kris Robinson, CNM

Nicole Pahl, CNM

Sarah Simmons, CNM

Susan Penney, CNM

Lakeland Regional Health

Dr. Jose Benitez-Rodriguez

Dr. Rosa Flores

Dr. Kurt Jones

Krysta Fee, CNM

Carrie Hanson, CNM

Jill Hendry, CNM

Syed Rodriguez, CNM

Marsha Watkins, CNM

Kat Mena, CNM