Tampa Bay Health Alliance

Tampa Bay Health Alliance

We are proud to announce that Women’s Care Florida has partnered with four other local medical groups in the Tampa area to create Tampa Bay Health Alliance (TBHA), a clinically integrated network (CIN) aiming to give our patients improved access and higher quality and more efficient healthcare.

The partners of TBHA include Florida Medical ClinicFlorida Orthopedic InstitutePediatric Health Care AllianceWomen’s Care Florida and USF Physicians Group.  While this partnership sets in motion a new collaborative relationship among these five members, each group will continue to operate independently.  In total, this partnership encompasses 1,300 health care professionals who care for more than 750,000 patients throughout the Tampa Bay region.  As the network matures and processes and systems are developed, TBHA will be adding many more physicians to its network in this region.

We chose to be a part of TBHA because it allows WCF to partner with other organizations that have primary care physicians (and associated attributable lives) and each group has an infrastructure to manage data and processes of care.  This will allow this vast network to share information and help WCF transition from our traditional fee for service reimbursement model to a value-based system.  The core missions among the five groups are aligned regarding improved care, patient engagement and cost-efficiency.

This is the core of any clinically integrated network.  It aligns a network of providers, who, together, can have a greater impact on managing a defined population, improve patient outcomes and optimize costs.

What is unique about this CIN is not only the size of the network but also that it is owned 100% by physician practices and not a hospital.  This does not mean we won’t partner with hospitals.  On the contrary, we will need to work collaboratively with both hospitals and health plans to achieve our goals.