Endometrial Biopsy Procedure in Florida

Women’s Care offers endometrial biopsy for patients as a way to check for problems in the uterus.

What is an Endometrial Biopsy?

An endometrial biopsy is the removal of a small piece of tissue from the endometrium, which is the lining of the uterus. The tissue sample can help to reveal cell changes due to abnormal tissues or variations in hormone levels. Our board-certified physicians are highly skilled in performing this procedure using the most advanced technology available. Our goal is to ensure that you are fully informed before and after your biopsy, and we will answer any questions you may have about your care.

Are You a Candidate for an Endometrial Biopsy?

Endometrial biopsies are typically done on women over the age of 35 and prior to menopause. You should not undergo this procedure if you are pregnant. You may be a good candidate for this procedure if your Pap test shows abnormal or precancerous cells in your uterus. If you have any of the following symptoms, you should consider getting an endometrial biopsy:

  • Bleeding After Menopause
  • Heavy or Long Menstrual Periods
  • Irregular Menstruation
  • Thickened Uterine Lining

What to Expect During an Endometrial Biopsy

An endometrial biopsy is a non-invasive procedure that takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes and does not require any anesthesia. Your provider will insert a speculum into your vagina to hold it open. A thin, flexible tool called a pipelle is then used to suction a sample of tissue from the endometrium. The sample is sent to a laboratory to be analyzed for any abnormalities, such as cancerous cells. You should receive your lab test results within a week of the procedure. Results are considered abnormal when the following are present:

  • Benign, or Noncancerous, Growth
  • Cancerous Cells
  • Thickening of the Endometrium (Endometrial Hyperplasia)

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Endometrial Biopsy & Women’s Health Services in Florida

Women’s Care is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care for a wide range of women’s health procedures, including endometrial biopsies. After discussing the results with your provider, they will determine whether or not further testing or treatment is needed and what that treatment will entail. Patients seeking expert women’s health and gynecologic services, please schedule an appointment at Women’s Care today!