3D Mammogram in Florida

Women’s Care offers 3D mammograms (breast tomosynthesis) to screen for breast cancer.

What is a 3D Mammogram?

A 3D mammogram is a revolutionary imaging test that produces a three-dimensional image of the breast tissue. At Women’s Care, we use Hologic’s Selenia® Dimensions® Mammography System, the most advanced tomosynthesis technology, to help identify breast cancer through greater accuracy. Our board-certified physicians are dedicated to providing patients with exceptional women’s healthcare, including the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in its early stages. 

When to Get a 3D Mammogram

Women between the ages of 40-45 should start getting annual mammograms. Your physician may also recommend a 3D mammogram if you have dense breast tissue, lumps or breast irregularities, and a strong family history of breast cancer. If you have BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene mutations, we may recommend that you get your first 3D mammography at age 30.

What to Expect During a Mammogram

During a 3D mammography, the mammogram system takes x-rays of the breast tissue from all different angles. It combines all the images into one 3D image, giving a detailed image of the breast structure. This allows our physicians to detect tumors easily and identify risks of breast cancer.

Why Use Our Breast Surgery Services?

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3D Mammography in Florida

Women’s Care is committed to the fight against breast cancer. Before your first visit, please complete our authorization to obtain, release, or review Protected Health Information (PHI) form. Send your completed form to your provider prior to your screening appointment. This will allow us to obtain your previous mammogram records for a comprehensive and more timely evaluation of your past medical history. Patients seeking more information about 3D mammograms, please schedule an appointment at Women’s Care today!