Pregnant? Nutrition guidance starts here


Pregnant? Nutrition guidance starts here

Your baby is growing every day, and so are your nutrition needs during pregnancy. Learn how they connect with our pregnancy nutrition guidance.

line of true healthy foods for pregnancy with woman holding pregnant stomach

Common myths and truths about pregnancy nutrition

Get the facts about common pregnancy nutrition misconceptions and learn the truth behind real pregnancy nutrition advice.

pregnant woman eating salad to gain normal weight during pregnancy to prevent childhood obesity

The facts about normal pregnancy weight gain

Although you’re “eating for two”. it’s important to avoid the temptation to eat twice as much. Learn more about proper pregnancy weight gain.


pregnancy superfood papaya

13 Pregnancy Superfoods

There are good foods to eat, and then there are superfoods. Learn about 13 superfoods you should eat throughout your pregnancy to benefit both you and your baby.

prenatal vitamins for pregnant woman and the role it should play

Prenatal multivitamins and the role they should play

Find out why, when, and how you should take prenatal multivitamins to supplement your daily nutrition intake.

healthy on the go pregnancy snack of peanut butter and apples

Healthy pregnancy snacking when you’re on the go

Get smart, simple ways to snack healthier all day long, throughout your pregnancy.

healthy substitution of nuts for pregnancy cravings

Healthy food substitutions for your pregnancy cravings

Food cravings are very common during pregnancy. Here are ways to substitute more nutritious choices for less healthy cravings.

pregnant woman bending over in pain from morning sickness

Foods that help manage morning sickness

Nausea, also known as morning sickness, often can be related to what you are or are not eating.  Here’s where you’ll learn more about the connection between nausea and nutrition, and how nutrition can help relieve symptoms of nausea.

woman rubbing her eyes under her glasses due to pregnancy fatigue

Pregnant and tired: Healthy ways to fight fatigue

Learn why you get fatigued so often during pregnancy and get nutrition solutions to help you reduce fatigue and stay alert all day.

crackers and ginger ale for pregnancy digestion issues

Tips for managing common pregnancy digestion symptoms

Learn how common pregnancy digestion symptoms, such as heartburn, constipation, gas, and bloating can be managed with the help of smart, sensible nutrition choices.

pregnant woman looking down at bare pregnant stomach with gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes and how proper nutrition can help

Get the facts about what gestational diabetes is, who is at risk, and how proper nutrition can help manage the symptoms.

heart shaped bowl of vegetables for pregnant women with preeclampsia

What you need to know about preeclampsia

Find out more about nutrition and preeclampsia.  Learn the facts and how to deal with it during pregnancy.

close up of beans with dietary fiber that helps pregnancy digestion

How dietary fiber can benefit your pregnancy digestion

Find out how fiber can benefit your pregnancy and why getting your recommended daily amount of fiber is even more important when you are pregnant.

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