Labor and Delivery Services in Florida

Women’s Care offers comprehensive labor and delivery care for expectant mothers.

Complete Care for Your Baby

Our board-certified obstetricians are highly skilled and experienced in handling all aspects of childbirth. We will do everything we can to ensure that the experience is as special as possible, while taking all necessary safety precautions. By understanding the typical sequence of events, you will be adequately prepared when the time comes.

Labor Preparation

It is difficult to predict when labor will start, but there are some things you can do ahead of time to prepare for the arrival of your baby. You should plan for someone to take you to the hospital and the route you will take. Pack your bag for the hospital with clothing and toiletries to use, as well as a loose-fitting outfit for leaving the hospital. Leave jewelry and other valuables at home. Other important items to pack include:

  • Baby items: receiving blanket and car seat
  • Camera, film, video recorder, and extra batteries
  • Hospital pre-registration paperwork
  • Identification and health insurance information
  • Phone numbers for friends and family members

Typically, you should call your doctor when you think you are in labor. They may have you come to the office or go directly to the hospital depending on the circumstances.

Labor Induction

There are a number of methods your doctor may choose to induce labor, including the use of medicines and other methods to open the cervix, stimulate contractions, and prepare for a vaginal birth. Most women are able to go into labor naturally. However, there are instances in which a doctor may start inducing labor for the health of the mother or baby. Some reasons for inducing labor may include:

  • Concerns about the baby or mother’s health
  • Health problems in the mother, such as kidney disease or diabetes
  • High blood pressure or preeclampsia
  • Infection inside the uterus
  • Insufficient amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby
  • Pregnancy has lasted more than 42 weeks
  • Water has broken but labor has not begun on it’s own

Delivery Options

There are two common types of birth for expectant mothers: vaginal and cesarean. Learn more about each below:

  • Vaginal Birth: Vaginal birth is the natural delivery of the baby through the birth canal and vagina. It usually begins when the mother has labored until the cervix has dilated 10 centimeters. Most women give birth to their babies through the vagina.
  • Caesarean Birth: Cesarean birth, also known as c-section, is a surgical procedure that allows the baby to be born through the mother’s abdomen. There are several reasons why a c-section may be necessary including breech presentation, problems with the placenta, signs of distress from the baby, previous cesarean birth, and other medical conditions.

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Labor and Delivery Care in FL

Women’s Care understands that each woman’s labor and delivery experience is unique. Our goal is to provide the highest quality obstetrical care to ensure a healthy pregnancy from beginning to end, for you and your baby. Patients seeking exceptional obstetrical services, please schedule an appointment at Women’s Care today!