Breastfeeding and Nursing


Breastfeeding and Nursing

Breastfeeding is the first and best way you can promote your newborn’s health and development. Whether you are just starting out or you need advanced advice, the breastfeeding guides can help you find what you need.



Breastfeeding Basics


Is your baby eating enough?


Breastfeeding Positions


Explore breastfeeding basics for details about your first feeding, your baby’s hunger signs, latching on, and more. Learn anything from how to get started with breastfeeding to what you should include in your diet. Feeding your baby well depends on your health, your baby’s hunger and attitude, and knowing how to recognize a few helpful signs.

Learn how you can tell if your baby is getting enough food. Breastfeeding becomes easy when both you and your baby are comfortable. Explore the basics of these positions: the cradle hold, the football hold, the cross-cradle hold, and lying down.


Breastfeeding FAQs




Nursing Problems and Solutions


Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby


Get answers to various breastfeeding questions, including questions about your baby’s nutrition, your diet while you’re breastfeeding, how to include your partner and more. Sometimes, pain and discomfort can get in the way of breastfeeding your baby. Learn how to overcome these obstacles with simple solutions. How you care for and treat yourself during breastfeeding can affect your baby’s health and happiness. Learn how nutrition can help you and your baby grow strong together.

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