Women’s Care Enterprises Names Alistair Madle as CEO

TAMPA, Fla. – July 2, 2020Women’s Care Enterprises announces that Alistair Madle has rejoined the company as its chief executive officer.

Madle has 20 years’ experience in multi-site, specialty physician services leadership, including 14 years with Women’s Care Florida where he served as CFO, COO and CEO. During this period, Women’s Care Florida grew into one of the most high-performing, integrated women’s health care groups in the country and is now a key part of Women’s Care Enterprises.

Most recently, Madle spent five years at D4C Dental brands, the largest and fastest growing pediatric dental specialty network in the U.S., including three years as its president and chief executive officer. D4C Dental Brands more than doubled in size and expanded to operate in 10 states under Madle’s leadership.

New CEO Alistair Madle announcement

“This feels like coming home in many ways,” said Madle. “I am looking forward to working with our team of dedicated professionals to continue our journey to become the leading provider of women’s health care in the U.S.”


“We are excited to add Alistair to our team,” said Chris Laitala, chairman of Women’s Care Enterprises and partner at Lindsay Goldberg. “Alistair is a proven leader with a strong track record of driving significant growth for physician practice organizations. We believe that Alistair has the operational leadership skills and experience to drive profitable growth for Women’s Care Enterprises as we continue to expand our national footprint. With his experience, Alistair is uniquely qualified to both lead our organization and remain true to our mission, values and goals to deliver the highest quality care and patient experience for our patients.”

About Women’s Care Enterprises

Women’s Care Enterprises partners with national leaders in women’s health services dedicated to improving quality, enhancing the patient experience, managing costs and transforming the delivery of health care for women. The network includes companies specializing in creating a comprehensive suite of services that includes multispecialty physicians and a full range of care for women. Women’s Care Enterprises is a portfolio company of Lindsay Goldberg, a private investment firm that focuses on partnering with families, founders and management teams seeking to actively build their businesses.

Women’s Care Florida Announces New Chief Operating Officer

TAMPA, Fla. – June 10, 2020 – Women’s Care Florida announces that Ellen Bower has assumed the role of chief operating officer.

Bower will play a critical role in executing the company’s Florida expansion plans. She will also oversee central operations, including the organization’s laboratory expansion, statewide practice operations, facilities management, education and development, and continuous improvement. Bower has been with Women’s Care Florida for two years, previously serving as vice president of its greater Tampa Bay region.

Women's Care Florida Chief Operating Officer Ellen Bower

Bower’s leadership experience includes overseeing physician practice operations, central support services, health information and privacy management and compliance. She is a certified professional coder and a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives. Bower earned her bachelor’s degree in molecular and cellular biology with a minor in chemistry from University of Illinois, and her master’s degree in management, strategy and leadership from the Broad College of Business at Michigan State University.

“Ellen embodies our core values of accountability, excellence and quality,” said Alistair Madle, CEO of Women’s Care Florida. “She is a first-class leader who has clearly demonstrated in her time with us that she will accelerate our journey to become the leading women’s healthcare group in America.”

“Women’s Care Florida is in a critical season of its strategic growth and I am delighted to lead our operations team toward achieving our vision of being the leading women’s healthcare group in America. The mission of Women’s Care Florida to ‘improve the health of women every day’ is one that I feel particularly connected to as a lifelong supporter of the advancement of women. To be able to connect my personal and professional passions is truly a pleasure.” said Bower.

About Women’s Care Florida

Women’s Care Florida was founded in 1998 by a small group of obstetrics and gynecology physicians in Tampa. Today, Women’s Care Florida has expanded to include patient care in several women’s specialties including gynecologic oncology, urogynecology, gynecologic pathology, breast surgery, genetic counseling, maternal fetal medicine, endocrinology, gastroenterology and fertility. Women’s Care Florida has 93 locations across the state of Florida, including four Women’s Health Centers and a pathology lab. More than 350 providers care for approximately 500,000 patients annually and deliver 1 of every 10 babies born in the state each year. The organization has grown tremendously through the years by remaining true to its mission of improving the health of women every day.


woman using ipad for telemedicine at Women's Care Florida

We Now Offer Telemedicine!

Now more than ever, you need to stay connected. And knowing that you have the ability to connect with your Women’s Care Florida provider gives you the extra peace of mind you need.

Doing our part to keep you safe

In our efforts to keep you and our caregivers safe, we are pleased to announce that we’re now offering telehealth services!

From the comfort of your own home

You can have the expertise of the professional advice of your trusted Women’s Care Florida provider without ever leaving your home.

Is telehealth right for you?

When you call your provider’s office for an appointment, tell us why you’d like to be seen.

  • For questions, discussions on hormone replacement therapy, family planning, contraception, genetic counseling, bladder issues and many other issues, we may be able to schedule a telehealth visit.
  • If you think you may have COVID-19 symptoms, we are happy to assess you by phone and can supply prescriptions as appropriate for testing, as well.
  • If your problem is urgent or emergent, requires a blood draw or an ultrasound, or must have a physical exam to figure out how best to help you, we will offer you an in-person exam. All of our Women’s Care Florida practices remain open to serve you.

The process is simple

Simply let our staff know that you are interested in a telehealth visit. We will let you know which options are available at your provider’s office. We will then schedule an appointment. 

What your visit will look like


Call your provider’s office to schedule an appointment. Generally, one of our medical assistants will initiate contact to collect important medical history information to prepare our doctor, nurse midwife or nurse practitioner for your visit. Expect a call within the next 30 minutes from your provider, who will ask you the same questions and offer the same advice you would get in the office.

If, during the visit, the provider feels you need a follow-up exam in person, you will be scheduled accordingly.

Healow – Patient Portal and Mobile App

Call your provider’s office to schedule an appointment. At your scheduled appointment time, you will be able to join our virtual waiting room through a link sent to you via email (recommended method), or via the Healow patient portal or mobile app.

If, during the visit, the provider feels you need a follow-up exam in person, you will be scheduled accordingly.


If you are pregnant

We continue to provide obstetrical care in the office setting, and we are looking to arrange for telehealth options that may limit the number of times you have to come into the office during the course of your pregnancy. Look for more information from us about this option soon.  

Blood draws, ultrasounds and nonstress tests require an in-office visit.

Women’s Care Florida remains open to new ob patients.


As a result of recent changes announced by the government, Medicare, Aetna, Cigna, Florida Blue, Humana and United now cover telehealth services according to the applicable benefits, and may be subject to a copay or deductible just as a regular office visit would be. 

Stay safe, stay well

Your Women’s Care Florida providers care about you and your well-being. While we may not be able to see you in person, know that we are doing our part to keep you safe.

*For established Women’s Care Florida patients only.


microscopic close up of coronavirus

Here’s what you should know  during COVID-19

Page last updated September 14, 2020

A Message to Patients

Update About Visitor Policy

During the last six months we have made the difficult decision to limit visitors to our offices as part of our concerted effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. The safety of our patients and staff has been our top priority during this time.

After careful consideration and as Florida infection rates decline, Women’s Care Florida will begin taking steps to allow visitors to accompany obstetrical patients to significant ultrasound appointments.

Updated visitor guidelines for pregnant patients

  • One visitor may accompany an obstetrical patient during one first trimester ultrasound and for the 20-week anatomy ultrasound only.
  • Visitors must be 18 years of age and are asked to remain in their vehicle until the ultrasound is ready to begin.
  • Visitors must complete the questionnaire screening process and wear a face mask during the entire portion of their visit.    
  • We continue to encourage patients to record short video clips or use Facetime during ultrasounds to share the experience with loved ones.

Please contact your provider’s office prior to bringing any visitor to confirm that your specific office location is allowing visitors.

    Face Mask and Face Shield Policy

    To ensure maximum protection and safety for all patients and staff, please be aware of our face mask and face shield policies during your entire office visit.  

    Masks with Valves

    Masks with valves may not be used without additional protection. Patients who wear face masks with valves will be provided a surgical mask to place over their mask.

    Masks with one-way valves make it easier to breathe, but because the valve releases unfiltered air when the wearer breathes out, this type of mask does not prevent the wearer from spreading the virus.

    Plastic Shields

    Plastic shields may not be worn as a substitute for face masks, per CDC recommendations. Patients who wear plastic shields must also wear a face mask. 

    Please note that exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis to maintain ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance.

    We will continue to reassess our visitor guidelines and provide you with ongoing updates. Thank you for your understanding as we do our very best to keep you safe.

      What to Know About Your Appointment

      young woman lying on couch smiling with ipad using telemedicine service

      We offer Telemedicine!

      If You Have an Upcoming Appointment 

      If you come to an appointment at one of our offices, please come alone. If a visitor must accompany you, we will permit only one visitor and that person must be 18 or older, and will be asked to complete our screening questionnaire to identify anyone who has traveled to a high-risk area within the past 14 days, those with known exposure and/or those who are having symptoms. 

      Please help us protect all patients and staff by following these guidelines when you visit our offices: 

      • Please honor our NO visitor policy. Visitors will be permitted for extreme exceptions only and must be pre-approved before arriving.
      • All patients and approved visitors will be screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. We appreciate your patience as this may create delays in entering our offices.
      • Please bring a face covering to your appointment to help us conserve PPE for health-care providers.
      • Please wash your hands frequently and practice good hand hygiene.

      If You Need to Schedule an Appointment

      Please call your provider’s office.

      What We’re Doing to Protect You

      Caring for you means doing our part to keep you safe during your office visit. 

      • Staff is conducting pre-screenings and in-office screenings for all patients and visitors, including daily temperature checks of all visitors and staff. 
      • All patients, visitors and staff are expected to wear face coverings. PPE will be used and properly disposed of in higher-risk interactions. 
      • We’re following strict processes to sanitize our offices regularly.
      • Women’s Care Florida staff members are receiving instruction and ongoing updates about COVID-19, hand hygiene and other safety measures to decrease the likelihood of contracting or transmitting the infection.

      If You Are Pregnant

      We know that pregnant women can contract coronavirus, but information on whether or not the infection can be transmitted to the fetus is less clear. In an abundance of caution, we encourage pregnant women to avoid large gatherings. When possible, this could include limiting some social activities, working from home rather than going to the office and participating in college courses online rather than in person. If you need a letter to work from home, please contact your Women’s Care Florida provider

      For more information on COVID-19 and pregnancy, visit the CDC.


      All scheduled ob appointments will be kept, although we will be offering the option of televisits under certain circumstances. Please call your provider’s office for more information.

      Sonograms and Ultrasounds

      All scheduled appointments will be kept. Obstetrical patients may use FaceTime or record ultrasounds to share the experience with partners, family and friends. One visitor may accompany an obstetrical patient during one first trimester ultrasound and for the 20-week anatomy ultrasound only.

      New Ob Patients

      If you need to confirm your pregnancy or are a new ob patient, please contact your Women’s Care Florida provider

      Pregnancy risks

      Your providers at Women’s Care Florida have reviewed the risks of COVID-19 infection in pregnancy, including, but not limited to, worsening respiratory status, early intubation, ICU admission, injury to other organs such as kidneys and liver, blood product transfusion, preterm delivery, fetal distress, and maternal/fetal/neonatal injury or mortality.

      During delivery

      We have discussed that extra precautions are required to keep both mother and baby protected during delivery, as well as all staff. You understand the potential for disruption of timelines and delays related to efforts in managing a pandemic, which include, among other things, the need to decrease the risk of infection.

      • For those of you desiring an epidural, early placement is encouraged to decrease the need for and risks related to general anesthesia.
      • Due to the extra time needed for appropriate protective equipment, there may be a higher risk of cesarean delivery if there is early evidence of fetal intolerance to labor. An emergency cesarean will require extra preparation time for protective equipment.

      After delivery

      Studies to date have not shown a clear mode of transmission of COVID-19 from mother to baby during pregnancy, however, there have been cases of babies diagnosed within 48 hours of life. Depending upon the severity of illness, COVID-19 positive mothers and their babies may be separated after delivery. If refused, modifications will be made to the standard rooming-in process as needed.


      Breastmilk via nursing or pumping is encouraged as there have been no documented cases or warnings of COVID-19 transmission through breastmilk.


      Screening mammograms, diagnostic imaging and mammograms are available. 

      Infusion Services

      Infusion is still available as a necessary health-care service as it helps keep our cancer and obstetrics-gynecology patients* out of the hospital.

      All infusion patients must pass our screening questionnaire before coming in for each visit.

      *Infusion services are available for patients as prescribed.



      Call your provider’s office for refills.

      What You Need to Know About Coronavirus

      Contracting Coronavirus

      People who have been in close contact with someone known to have COVID-19 and travelers to affected areas are at elevated risk of exposure. Please note that if you have traveled to a high-risk area or returned from a cruise and develop symptoms of fever, cough or cold, you will be advised to self-quarantine for 14 days.

      How Can I Protect Myself?

      Stay home. If you must go out, stay away from others, especially with respiratory symptoms such as cough, sneeze, and fever. Get your flu shot. While the flu shot will not prevent coronavirus, it will help to protect you during the current flu season. Above all, stay at home.

      What Does Flatten the Curve Mean?

      The COVID-19 spreads rapidly if people interact under normal conditions. A certain percentage of people with the infection, particularly the elderly, may require hospitalization and even intensive care. Each country, including the U.S., has a limited number of hospitals, equipment and staff. We do not want everyone to get very sick at one time and overwhelm the capability of the hospitals to provide care. We want the pandemic to move more slowly so that not everyone gets sick all at once.

      Treatments and Testing

      While research is ongoing, there is currently no vaccine available to prevent coronavirus or any medication to cure the infection. Supportive care, including hospitalization and even intensive care as needed, is being used to manage symptoms.

      At this time, diagnostic testing for this virus can only be performed through state health departments and the Centers for Disease Control and Infection (CDC), and most recently through LabCorp and Quest. 

        Precautions You Should Take


        Stay at home, especially if you are sick. Restrict contact with other people. Even at home, remain at least six feet away from other people while you are sick.

        pink droplet icon for cover your sneeze with a tissue

        Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.

        pink hands icon for wash your hands often with soap and water

        Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

        illustration of faceless woman wearing gloves holding hands in air not touching anything

        Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

        pink people icon with diagonal line through it for avoid close contact with sick people

        Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

        pink glove and rag icon for clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces

        Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces

        pink illustration icon of person wearing facemask

        CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings.

        Symptom Review

        Symptoms are difficult to differentiate from the flu and include mild to severe respiratory illness associated with fever, cough and difficulty breathing.

        If you are experiencing any respiratory symptoms, have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, a sore throat or fatigue, please contact our office by phone to be screened before you visit any Women’s Care Florida location.

        chart that differentiates coronavirus, flu and allergy symptoms

        If You Experience Symptoms of COVID-19

        • Call your physician or the Florida Department of Health (866-779-6121—open 24/7) for instructions. To limit potential exposure to other patients, do not go to your doctor’s office without calling first.
        • If you are instructed to go to a doctor’s office or emergency department, notify the front desk staff of your symptoms immediately upon arrival so they can isolate you.
        • Tell your health care provider about any recent travel or contact with people who have traveled to high-risk areas and/or if you have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19.
        • Your health care provider will work with the Florida Department of Health and the CDC to determine if you need to be tested for COVID-19.

        Helpful Links

        We encourage you to keep yourself updated on information about coronavirus by looking at the following websites:

        Women’s Care Enterprises Announces Partners with Southern California Reproductive Center

        Tampa, Fla. (January 6, 2020)Women’s Care Enterprises, a leading multispecialty women’s health company dedicated to transforming the delivery of women’s health care, announces its new partnership with Southern California Reproductive Center (SCRC), a leading fertility center based in Beverly Hills.

        “The Southern California Reproductive Center is one of the most highly respected and well-known fertility clinics in the world,” says Florida-based Women’s Care Enterprises CEO Andrew Mintz. “This partnership allows us to expand services for patients who wish to begin or expand their families with the most advanced and proven fertility technologies. Together with SCRC, we are building a world-class national fertility platform with a full range of services to meet all of the fertility needs for our patients. This fertility platform is part of our holistic strategic approach to provide the highest quality of women’s health care for all of our patients.”

        SCRC co-founder and Medical Director Dr. Mark Surrey adds, “We have achieved groundbreaking results in the field of fertility and genetic research based on unique technologies and recruiting a world-class team to address the full range of fertility care. We are excited about our strategic partnership with Women’s Care Enterprises as they share our core values and best position us to accelerate and achieve our strategic growth plans.”

        With more than 15,000 births to its credit, SCRC is one of the leading fertility centers in the nation. SCRC’s founding physicians are pioneers in the reproductive field, with more than 25 years of experience dating back to the emergence of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Today, SCRC’s team of physicians offer a full range of services, including IVF, donor egg banking and surrogacy services with a leading reproductive endocrinology practice, state-of-the-art embryology labs, a women’s health surgery center, and a partnership with Sequence46, a world-class preimplantation genetic lab that tests embryos created via IVF for genetic diseases.

        About Southern California Reproductive Center

        Founded in 1999, Southern California Reproductive Center is one of the most well-established fertility physician groups in the world. The Center serves patients throughout Southern California, the United States and across the world at its offices in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Bakersfield, Glendale, Pasadena and Torrance. SCRC is dedicated to providing patients the highest quality of care and most innovative technologies to optimize their chances for success in creating a family.

        About Sequence46

        Sequence46 is a College of American Pathologists certified preimplantation genetic testing laboratory solely focused on reproductive genetics and aims to improve IVF outcomes by testing embryos created via IVF for genetic diseases and helping families have healthy babies. By partnering with some of the leading fertility centers in North America, Sequence46 is dedicated to being leaders in innovation and research within the fertility genetics space.

        About Women’s Care Enterprises

        Women’s Care Enterprises partners with national leaders in women’s health services dedicated to improving quality, enhancing the patient experience, managing costs and transforming the delivery of health care for women. The network includes companies specializing in creating a comprehensive suite of services that includes multispecialty physicians and a full range of care for women. Women’s Care Enterprises is a portfolio company of Lindsay Goldberg, a private investment firm that focuses on partnering with families, founders and management teams seeking to actively build their businesses.