Unnecessary Baby Items on Your Newborn Baby Needs Checklist

By: Women's Care Staff

Shopping for baby products can feel confusing and overwhelming if you’re a first-time mom. You can easily fall under the spell of baby products that promise to make life easy. However, before you start adding a long list of products to your newborn baby needs checklist, consider the unnecessary baby items. Tricky advertising gimmicks can make products seem important when in reality you won’t need them.

Below lists seven baby products you and your baby probably won’t need.

1. Bathtub thermometer

On the top of many first-time moms’ newborn baby needs checklist is bathtub thermometers. Marketers design cute toys such as rubber duckies and fish to take the temperature of bathwater. Providers consider these as unnecessary baby items because you can easily check the water. Instead of investing in these fancy battery-powered gadgets, simply use your hands to feel out the temperature.

2. Newborn baby shoes

Although they look adorable, babies who have yet to talk don’t require shoes. Invest in soft socks that provide your baby with ore comfort. However, be sure they won’t fall off your baby’s feet.

3. Bumper pads and pillows

Bumper pads prevent your baby from rolling and moving around. However, not only are these unnecessary baby items, they can be dangerous as well. These baby products increase the risk of suffocation while sleeping. Instead, use a tight-fitted crib sheet and a properly fitted mattress for the crib.

4. Baby food blender

If a baby food blender is on your newborn baby needs checklist, know normal blenders work just as well. Save your money and blend your baby’s food using a standard household blender or food processor.

5. Baby bottle sterilizer

A baby bottle sterilizer represents another unnecessary baby item and a kitchen tool that takes up counter space. You can also substitute it with other appliances. For instance, consider boiling bottles and nipples in a saucepan on the stove. Plus, you can buy disposable bottle bags. However, before boiling anything read the instructions that come with your bottles and nipples to make sure you care for them as intended.

6. Diaper pails

Diaper pails systems offer an alternative to throwing diapers in the kitchen trashcan and are typically designed to capture the odors of smelly diapers. However, many parents admit that diaper disposal systems aren’t effective at blocking the smell of waste, and are too costly to maintain. Instead of using diaper disposals, consider taking the trash out more frequently.

7. Baby seats at home

Newborns and infants generally require neck and back support, which is why most baby seats designed to force your baby to sit up can be dangerous. Plus, these seats can make your baby uncomfortable. Instead of buying special baby seats that prop up your baby, use approved infant bouncy seats with safety belts, and spend more time with your baby on the floor.

Keep your inventory of baby products simple at first, and stick to buying products you know will make your life easier, such as an approved infant car seat, bottles, diapers and wipes, and comfortable clothing. What your baby needs most is your own love and care, which can’t be purchased from any store.

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