The Facts About Vaccine Safety – Debunking Vaccine Myths

By: Women's Care Florida Staff

Vaccines and immunizations can help save lives. They prevent the spreading of certain deadly diseases between adults and children. If you feel apprehensive about vaccinations due to stories you’ve heard, know you’re putting many at risk. Putting off vaccinations increases the chance of others catching dangerous, fatal diseases. Here are the facts about vaccine safety and what you need to know about debunking vaccine myths.

Vaccines prove to be effective at saving lives

For over 50 years, immunizations save millions of lives. Childhood vaccines prove to be between 90 and 99 percent effective at preventing diseases. If vaccinated children contract the disease anyway, they experience much less severe symptoms than unvaccinated kids. Mild side effects from vaccinations include swelling at the injection site. Furthermore, they rarely trigger dangerous side effects.

Several health organizations review vaccines

The FDA reviews each vaccine for safety and efficacy. They also license it before making it available to the public. Moreover, vaccines that do not meet safety standards do not become licensed. They, thus, do not reach the public. Additionally, after the FDA approves and licenses a vaccine, other health organizations review them. These include the CDC, AAP, and AAFP before being recommended for children. When you visit your doctor, understand the vaccines you and your children receive underwent a lengthy process of safety approval.

Booster shots can help strengthen previous vaccines

Booster shots enhance immunity by building on the efficacy of the previous vaccine. They also help strengthen the concept of herd immunity. Furthermore, herd immunity consists of a community developing general resistance to a particular disease due to nearly everyone having immunity through vaccination. Consult with a healthcare provider to determine how often you need booster shots based on your immunization record.

Vaccinations are an essential part of preventative healthcare and offer protection against the severe effects of certain diseases. The board-certified physicians at Women’s Care Florida can provide immunizations at the time of your scheduled appointment or annual exam. Contact WCF to schedule an appointment today and learn more about how we can help you take care of you.

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