Steps to Lessen Holiday Stress

By: Women's Care Staff

Stress can impact your day—and for those who take on extra tasks and responsibilities around the holidays, stress can make this time less enjoyable. Try to figure out what makes you stressed and what steps might help you avoid it. 

Here are some tried-and-true stress-relievers. 

Accentuate the positive. Dwelling on the negative likely will not solve the problem, and it will sour your mood even more. 

Get moving. Whether it’s playing games with kids or friends or taking a walk or exercise class alone or with friends, physical activity can help reduce stress. 

Eat well. Say yes to fruits and veggies and meals at appropriate times. Avoid the excesses of the holiday season by limiting your portions and switching to soft drinks or water instead of alcohol. 

Relax. That might be through relaxation techniques like yoga or quiet contemplation—even in short breaks. 

Find your happy place. Maybe you enjoy socializing or maybe you prefer knitting or reading. Find the things that make you happy and schedule some time for them.

If you are experiencing overwhelming stress, and you feel you would benefit from talking with your health-care provider, please contact your Women’s Care provider’s office.