The Social Mom: Pregnancy Support Groups

By: Women's Care Staff

When you’re pregnant, you are certainly not alone. At any given time, there are millions of pregnant women in the United States. Many local hospitals don’t offer maternity support groups. However, thanks to the Internet, you can find pregnancy support groups online. Dozens of sites provide a place for moms-to-be to connect, share information, and experience pregnancy together.

Sharing your pregnancy experience with other women can help you feel connected. You also might reduce your anxiety about giving birth. Finding other women who know what you are going through can be a great comfort, especially if you are experiencing a difficult pregnancy.

For help with parenting tips to birth plans, we’ve compiled this list of the best parenting forums and sites to get you started on your journey to parenthood.

The Bump

The Bump gives you advice on pregnancy and parenting from preconception to toddlerhood. The website also features:

  • A baby registry
  • Deals on baby and children’s items
  • Birth month clubs where you can find other women who are due on the same day

In their Real Answers section, you can find answers to all kinds of questions. Forums range from finances, baby showers, weight gain, and more. All are created by experts and other moms who have been there. You can access the pages and pages of advice on The Bump from your computer or through their app on your phone.


BabyCenter has thousands of users sharing advice and experiences on several pregnancy support groups. By inserting your due date or clicking Try to Conceive, you can receive personalized information based on where you are in your pregnancy journey. You can even get weekly emails giving you an update on your baby’s development.

BabyCenter also offers tools such as

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

The quintessential pregnancy book is now a website and pregnancy support group where moms-to-be can learn more about conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and more. You can explore week-by-week pregnancy symptoms and changes in your body, find advice on everything from car seats to nutrition, and connect with other parents and parents-to-be for advice.

Sprout App

The Sprout Pregnancy App offers a variety of tools in one easy-to-use app. It features a weight gain tracker, contraction timer, kick timer, and personalized information on symptoms as your pregnancy progresses. It even features an organizer to help you schedule prenatal tests and appointments with your physician. The goal of the app, which was written by doctors and expectant moms, is to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

While this app doesn’t have a social feature to connect with other women, it can provide help for new moms.

Remember, while these sites and apps are a great place to socialize and find support, they aren’t your best source for personalized medical advice. If you have a medical question about your pregnancy, you should always ask your trusted OB/GYN.

Make your plans for a healthy pregnancy and delivery with help from a maternity expert at Women’s Care, Florida. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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