High-Risk Pregnancy Questions to Ask Your Doctor

By: Women's Care Florida Staff

Once you’ve educated yourself on high-risk pregnancy and think you might fit that category, it’s time to discuss it with your obstetrician. At Women’s Care Florida, we help hundreds of women every year who deal with high-risk pregnancies. Our physicians can help women minimize risks and achieve a normal, healthy delivery. However, educating yourself is always important. So never be afraid to inquire more about your pregnancy and what to expect in the months ahead. Here are a few high-risk pregnancy questions you might ask at your next appointment:

1. Is my pregnancy considered high-risk?

You may feel overly concerned or have no concern at all. However, to eliminate uncertainty, you should find out. The number one question to ask your doctor about high-risk pregnancies is point-blank, “Is my pregnancy considered high-risk?” This way, you can better understand the kind of care you should receive.

Your doctor will perform a thorough health assessment that includes your health history and common issues among your family. He or she may order specific tests that will provide more information. If your doctor determines that your pregnancy fits into the high-risk category, your health team will work together to reduce these risks. Their goal is to help you have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

2. What can I do to minimize my risks?

While there will be plenty of things that your healthcare team will do to help you minimize risks, you will also get instructions on how to care for yourself.

If you do not currently have a high-risk pregnancy, it’s important to understand that sometimes issues can develop during pregnancy that can make it higher risk. These issues include gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. It’s important to ask what you can do to care for yourself that will help to offset and prevent these issues as much as possible.

Take care to always check with your doctor before making serious lifestyle changes while pregnant. It’s best to improve your health and wellness under the watchful care of an expert.

3. How should I change my birth plan?

If you do have a high-risk pregnancy, you might need to change your expectations for how the birth will go.

In some situations, you will need to prioritize your health and the health of your baby over having a particular birth experience. You’ll need to focus on caring for yourself and staying flexible with what is required to maintain your health.

When asking your doctor high-risk pregnancy questions, also discuss what options you have with your healthcare team. In addition, work together to come up with a birth plan that will be the best for your physical and mental health and safety.

4. What options do I have?

In some high-risk cases, you have plenty of options. In others, you’ll have fewer options. You can always seek advice from specialists to ensure you understand the full scope of the situation.

Ask for available options and make the best choices that you can, depending on your situation. Choosing a healthcare provider that is the best fit for you can make a big difference in how you feel about your situation and pregnancy.

To work with a physician that has your best health in mind and can help you navigate the world of high-risk pregnancies, reach out to a Board Certified Physician at Women’s Care Florida for a consultation.

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