Your First Appointment with a Gynecologist Checklist

By: Women's Care Florida Staff

Going to your first appointment with a gynecologist may not be high on your list of favorite things to do. However, preparation can offer you peace of mind. During your exam, your gynecologist will screen for diseases, cancer, and other female health problems. Although sometimes frustrating, exams are so you can be proactive about treatment and continue living a healthy life.

The gynecology experts at Women’s Care Florida have prepared the following tips to help you receive the most. from your checkup and avoid the need for repeat visits. Here’s how to make the most of your first appointment with a gynecologist:

Schedule your first gynecologist visit before your period

Seeing your doctor mid-cycle is best since the time before and during menstruation can prevent your gynecologist from effectively examining your cervix and other organs. Plus, going mid-cycle can help you avoid experiencing breast tenderness during your breast exam.

Avoid having intercourse the night before your first appointment

This helps ensure test results are accurate and prevents you from going back later for re-testing. Semen can interfere with swabs taken during the exam for evaluations. Additionally, women have natural discharge after sex which can also interfere with tests. Interferences include false or abnormal results when in reality there may be nothing wrong.

Remember to breathe

Feelings of anxiety and nervousness can actually make your appointment more uncomfortable than it needs to be. This is especially true during the pelvic exam. Focus on relaxing, and remember to take slow, deep breaths to help yourself wind down. There is no reason to be nervous. Gynecologists see new patients every day.

Prepare for a discussion regarding your health

Your gynecologist may ask you a series of personal questions about your health for the sake of ensuring everything is okay and working as it should. Be prepared to talk about menstruation, sex, symptoms, and other factors associated with female health. The more mentally prepared you are, the more ready and comfortable you’ll be at the time of your appointment.

Choose the best provider

Perhaps one of the most important ways to maximize your first appointment with a gynecologist is to choose a provider who makes you feel comfortable. The board-certified physicians at Women’s Care Florida are dedicated to providing the gold-star standard in women’s healthcare, with a compassionate, personalized approach to your health concerns. Contact us to find a physician or schedule an appointment to learn more about how WCF can help you take care of you.

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