Endometriosis and Infertility: You Have Options

By: Women's Care Staff

Endometriosis can be an uncomfortable and difficult condition for women to manage. One common symptom of endometriosis is unexplained infertility. This leaves many women wondering if they can conceive. In some cases, providers diagnose endometriosis when women visit their to address initial infertility. While a link does exist between endometriosis and the ability to get pregnant, not all women who have this condition cannot conceive.

Infertility can occur for reasons besides endometriosis

If you experience difficulty becoming pregnant, make an appointment with your healthcare provider. This way, you can rule out any other causes. Endometriosis can cause infertility. However, so can stress, obesity, and your partner’s health. Talk to a specialist to rule out any of these factors first.

Endometriosis surgery can help improve fertility

If you have endometriosis, talk to your physician about surgery. They can suggest laparoscopic surgery for treatment. During this surgery, providers diagnose your endometriosis. They can also cauterize or remove it. This can help improve your fertility increasing your chance of becoming pregnant.

Other methods for endometriosis infertility treatments

Sometimes, providers treat infertility using hormonal medications. Other methods include treating underlying causes such as thyroid problems. Contact your gynecologist to learn about means other than endometriosis treatments. Some women with endometriosis conceive with in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

If you have difficulty becoming pregnant, consult with your health care provider immediately to rule out endometriosis and other treatable causes. Having endometriosis can make conception more difficult, but not impossible. Together, you and your gynecologist can arrive at solutions and treatments that can improve your health — and your chances of becoming pregnant.

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