Effects of Rising Healthcare Costs

By: Women's Care Staff

When it comes to our health, there’s a lot to consider. If we have health concerns, we must decide where and when to seek out treatment for our conditions. However, due to the effects of rising healthcare costs, many avoid seeking treatment altogether. Furthermore, a new poll suggests that women are more likely than men to delay seeking healthcare because of cost, even for serious conditions.

The role of poverty and healthcare

Data from the Gallup News organization’s gender inequality in healthcare poll showed that 37% of US women put off treatment because of cost, compared to only 22% of men. In addition, differences in care quality or coverage appeared to have little effect on these results. However, they were still present.

Why are women delaying care? More frequent healthcare needs and higher costs may contribute to women’s greater likelihood to delay seeking healthcare. Studies showed that women generally require more health services than men and are likely to pay higher out-of-pocket medical costs during their reproductive years than men do.

Effects of not seeking medical treatment

The effects of rising healthcare costs have detrimental consequences on women. However, it’s important to weigh the risks of leaving conditions untreated. You can manage chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes better by regular preventive care rather than more costly emergency room visits or hospital stays. Also, many health conditions are easier to treat in the earliest stages, making health screenings and early detection an important strategy to contain costs. That’s why building a relationship with your primary care physician – or even your GYN – can help lower the cost of your healthcare needs.

At Women’s Care, we’re sensitive to our patient’s health needs, as well as their financial needs. We’ll help you understand your treatment options and the potential impact of delaying care. Our board-certified physicians are dedicated to keeping you healthy, offering personalized plans for women at every stage of life. Contact us today to make an appointment or find a physician at Women’s Care.

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