5 Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables for your Diet

By: Women's Care Florida Staff

Unless you’re a vegetarian, fruits and vegetables probably aren’t your idea of a tasty treat. In fact, over 90 percent of American adults and children fail to eat the number of fruits and vegetables recommended by nutrition guides from MyPlate and Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Patients often ask what they can do to improve their health. One simple, yet effective tip is to add the health benefits of fruits and vegetables to your diet.

It’s difficult to change your eating habits overnight, but there are several ways to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet without drastically altering your everyday life. Why not swap out a carb-loaded side dish for a steamed vegetable? Or try eating an apple with yogurt for breakfast instead of a pastry from your local coffee shop. Sometimes the smallest lifestyle changes can lead to major health and nutritional benefits down the road.

Lower your risk for illness and disease

The health benefits of fruits and vegetables come from their vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help strengthen your immune system, especially when combined with regular exercise. And fruits and veggies can lower your risk for hypertension, heart disease, and cancer.

Easy for grab and go snacking

Most fruits and vegetables don’t require preparation: you just grab, go, and eat. If you feel that you lack time in your busy schedule to prepare healthy foods, load up on produce you can easily eat on the go, such as bananas, apples, celery, and baby carrots. Fruits and veggies are convenient and easy to eat on the fly.

Increase your fiber intake

Fruits and vegetables are naturally high in fiber, which lends to good digestive health. The more regular your bowel movements, the more effectively your body will flush out waste and toxins. Stop relying on fiber-enriched cereals and over-the-counter fiber supplements, and get more natural sources of fiber from fruits and veggies.

An endless variety to explore

There are literally thousands of fruits and vegetables in the world, not to mention different varieties of each. For instance, you can visit most grocery stores and choose from at least five different apples. There’s no reason to ever grow bored with fruits and veggies, given your many options.

Get more vitamins and minerals than processed foods

Many packaged, processed foods lack nutritional value and can make you feel sluggish, tired, and less energetic. But fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals so you can benefit from improved immunity and more energy. Fruits and vegetables don’t just have to be eaten alone or in salads. Browse cookbooks and the Internet for healthy recipes that contain plenty of fruits and vegetables, and start eating produce with every meal.

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