5 Common Fears About Giving Birth

By: Women's Care Staff

Every woman has heard at least one horror story about childbirth. They can either involve hours of painful, never-ending labor or getting stuck in traffic while the baby’s head crowns. Stories such as these certainly make their rounds. Therefore, it’s no wonder many moms are scared about labor pain and harbor extreme fears about giving birth for the first time. However, studies show that confident, self-assured women get through labor and delivery more easily than their scared, fearful counterparts.

The labor and delivery specialists at Women’s Care can help you prepare. Providers can plan for your birth experience and help deal with situations you might encounter. However, often understanding the issues can help alleviate your concerns. Schedule an appointment to learn about our board-certified obstetrical services.

Fear #1: Having a C-section

Doctors consider C-sections major surgeries. They perform them in only extreme situations where the mom and/or baby’s health are compromised. Pregnancy results in a C-section if:

  • Labor fails to progress
  • The baby cannot fit through the birth canal
  • The baby is breeched

The likelihood of C-sections increases in those who have gestational or type2 diabetes, and/or suffer from obesity.

Fear #2: Experiencing severe pain

When you go into labor, your adrenaline levels naturally spike. This helps you focus on birthing your baby rather than on the pain. If you choose to give birth naturally, being in overall good health can help minimize pain. In addition, regular exercise before and during pregnancy can strengthen your core, abdominal muscles, and pelvic floor. All of these can help make delivery easier and less painful.

Fear #3: Needing an episiotomy

Episiotomies become increasingly less common. Often, doctors perform them at your request. Sometimes the perineum or the skin between the vagina and rectum fails to stretch during birth. When this occurs, obstetricians perform an episiotomy. If you require one, your OB-GYN will take care of stitching the wound. This normally heals within six weeks.

Fear #4: Having a bowel movement during birth

Some pregnant women feel embarrassed about the possibility of pushing out excrement. However, this happens to many women when pushing their babies through the birth canal. Plus, a minimal amount of excrement comes out. Those assisting with the delivery such as nurses clean it up immediately.

Fear #5: Not arriving at the hospital on time

Many new parents-to-be rush around in panic the moment the mother goes into labor. However, labor often takes hours. Also, it’s highly unlikely you’ll give birth before arriving at the hospital. Stay calm, don’t panic, and make sure you and your partner have everything you need before you leave.

Consider having a one-on-one talk with your OB-GYN about any fears you have surrounding pregnancy, labor, and delivery. In many cases, receiving education about delivery complications and roadblocks will help you overcome your fear of childbirth. Your OB-GYN will provide you with the resources you need to have a safe, happy, and healthy pregnancy.

The board-certified physicians at Women’s Care are dedicated to providing the gold-star standard in women’s healthcare. For more information about labor and delivery services or how WCF can help you take care of you, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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