3 Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

By: Women's Care Staff

If you’re a new mom or are planning to have children, you’ve probably heard several different breastfeeding newborn tips. They probably came from your friends, family, and even medical providers. Breastfeeding strongly bonds you and your newborn together. However, some women struggle to make a connection. They might experience pain, discomfort, or problems getting their baby to latch on. If this happens to you, understand several breastfeeding tips and tricks exist to make it easier.

Breastfeeding has many benefits for both you and your baby. Rich in antibodies, breast milk strengthens your baby’s immune system. Furthermore, a strong immune system helps ward off bacteria, viruses, illnesses, and allergies. Not only is breastfeeding great for your baby’s health, but it can also help you slim down following childbirth.

Don’t give up. Women’s Care has a guide to breastfeeding for new moms. In addition, here are some breastfeeding tips for new moms that can help you find relief when you’re attempting to nourish and bond with your child.

Take breastfeeding classes

Many hospitals and birthing clinics offer breastfeeding classes that teach and coach new moms on how to breastfeed successfully. Learn about different breastfeeding positions so you can identify the most comfortable position that works for you. Classes also teach you the ins and outs of different types of breast pumps. Knowing all about breastfeeding can help you feel more confident and in control during the act. Plus, you can bond with other new moms who share some of your frustrations about breastfeeding.

Consult with a lactation specialist

Lactation specialists are like breastfeeding experts who offer guidance, tips, and tricks when you’re ready to start breastfeeding. These individuals have seen nearly everything when it comes to breastfeeding and can provide advice on how to make breastfeeding work for you based on your unique challenges. Ask your OB-GYN about your options for working with a lactation specialist at WCF.

Ask for help from hospital staff

When you give birth in a traditional hospital setting, you’ll be surrounded by nurses and pediatricians who will help you care for your newborn in his or her earliest hours. If you need help with breastfeeding, ask various staff members for their help, advice, and recommendations. By the time you’re ready to go home, you’ll have information, tips, and tricks about breastfeeding that can help you establish a lasting connection with your newborn.

Contact WCF to schedule an appointment with a lactation consultant and to learn more about how we can help take care of you.

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