Women’s Care

Women’s Care is a specialty women’s health physician group offering patient care in obstetrics and gynecology, gynecologic oncology, urogynecology, gynecologic pathology, breast surgery, and genetic counseling. Women’s Care has 360 healthcare providers that care for more than 350,000 patients annually, performing 20,000 deliveries per year and conducting more than 450,000 obstetrical, preventive, and gynecological visits yearly. Women’s Care has more than 100 outpatient locations across Florida. Women’s Care providers have privileges at 13 hospitals and are in network with the major insurance companies. Women’s Care was founded in 1998 by a small group of OB/GYN physicians. The organization has grown tremendously through the years by remaining true to its mission – “Improving the Health of Women Every Day.”

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


Women’s Care is committed to improving the health of women every single day.


Women’s Care will:

  1. Expand services to provide comprehensive care for generations of women across their life continuum.
  2. Deliver an exceptional patient-centered experience utilizing innovation and engaging her in our team-based model of care.
  3. Foster a culture that inspires excellence in every employee.


  • QUALITY: Providing the highest quality of care through evidence-based guidelines and best safety practices.
  • COMPASSION: Treating patients like valued friends and family.
  • EMPATHY:  Being attentive to our patients’ thoughts and feelings.
  • RESPECT:  Acting respectfully towards every person, every day.
  • EXCELLENCE: Pursuing excellence through continuous learning.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY:  Assuming responsibility for our actions and behaviors.

Organizational Code of Conduct

Download our Organizational Code of Conduct here

Our Credentials

Our credentials ensure the highest level of quality and professional standards of care for women. We require all of our physicians to be Board certified or eligible active candidates for Board certification. All have completed at least four years of additional specialized training after medical school and take courses regularly to keep up with the latest advances in women’s care.

Our Physician Code of Conduct

Our Mission is to improve the health of our communities through a caring partnership with patients, physicians, and employees. Our goal is to offer quality services that set community standards and exceed expectations in a caring, convenient, affordable, and accessible manner. Our ability to successfully fulfill our Mission is dependent on physicians. The way we treat patients, colleagues, and staff will set the tone for how care is delivered.

We can expect better from those around us only when we do better ourselves and lead by example. We seek to create ideals that define the type of physician who works for Women’s Care. Most importantly, we seek to provide an atmosphere to help physicians flourish professionally and personally, and to create a group that is defined by providing exceptional care to its patients, staff, and fellow physicians.

As Physicians of Women’s Care, we will exemplify the following attributes of professionalism.

  • Accountability: Taking responsibility for our behavior.
  • Place Patient First: The patient’s best interest will guide our behavior.
  • Excellence: We commit to continuous improvement, life-long learning and the advancement of knowledge.
  • Moral Behavior: Respect, compassion, empathy, honor and integrity.
  • All our physicians practice to one standard and that is excellence.

Read more of our Physician Code of Conduct.

Why are we different? Please read our annual Value Report to learn more.

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